Friday, 18 February 2011

Fat Quarters, Quarter Meters and Off Cut Scrap Bags now avaliable

Today I have been sorting out the fabrics ready for easter shows and have decided to offer a selection of smaller fabric cuts to make it easier for customer to create there dream project with only the fabric they need, not extra. So on offer we now have :-

1kg Off Cut Scrap Bags - These are £6.50 per bag plus postage which would be £4 first class packet rate. They are unfortunatly too heavy to go by second class post. The off cuts vary from 5" squares to long thin strips, to bigger and also smaller angled off cuts. Common uses would be craft, especially quilting, stuffing and general sewing.

Fat Quarter Craft Packs - These are 3 x 20" by 22" (sometimes 24") pieces of hemp fabric. One piece is patterned, one piece in the natural colour, and another piece is bleached. These craft packs are £15 each and the postage is £1.85. Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Knitted Hemp and Hemp Blend Craft Packs will be avaliable shortly

Fat Quarters - We have a limited selection of fat quarters avaliable please email for more details and prices.

Quarter Meter Cuts - This is were a meter of the fabric is cut down into quarters and so the overall cost of the fabric is also cut down by 4. These are great for larger sampling pieces.

For more details on all of these options and there avaliability please email
Happy Crafting and Creating